TuSeta’s Safer Space Policy

This policy for safer and equal space applies to all TuSeta’s activities. The policy is based on the Non-discrimination Act and the Act on Equality between Women and Men (2015).

Turun seudun Seta is a discrimination-free zone: everyone is welcome as they are. No homo- or transphobia, sexism, racism, discrimination based on disability, state of health or other personal characteristics, harassment or otherwise inappropriate behaviour is accepted.

We respect one another and everyone’s privacy. Be mindful of the assumptions and generalisations you may make. Do not define anyone’s gender identity, sexual orientation or other background for them.

Everyone has the right and the sole autonomy to define or not to define their own identities. 

Everyone has the right to decide the name and pronoun they wish to be addressed with.

By being constructive, understanding and fair, we create a safe and supportive atmosphere where everyone can speak openly. Terms may mean different things or be unfamiliar to others. Ask, if you are unsure. If you make a mistake, apologise and move on.

Give space and let others have their turn to speak. Everyone can participate in their own way – there is no need to speak at all, if you do not wish to.

Do not out anyone. (For example, do not greet outside with “Hi, we met at TuSeta!”)

Confidentiality: everything said in a group meeting stays in the group meeting. 

Please refrain from using scents.

Do not touch anyone without express permission.

Do not take or publish photos without everyone’s express permission.

If you experience discrimination, harassment, bullying or feel threatened in TuSeta’s activities, contact our staff and/or our harassment contact person:

Outi Santavuori
harassment contact person, 
sexual therapist (SINUIKSI -palvelu)
044 988 5090