Everyone is welcome to join our activities, no membership required! 
Peer activities

We organise peer groups and leisure activities, mainly in our living room in the center of Turku.

Currently there are around 15 active peer support and leisure activity groups that meet up regularly. Unfortunately not all of them can accommodate English speakers, but please contact us beforehand and we will provide more information. The Game Group is one of the most popular ones, and there it is also most likely to find an international crowd.

Welcome! There is no need to actually be into playing board games, you can just come and hang out if you prefer that!

Other activities

OMQ! Club evenings a few times a year, follow the OMQ Page on Facebook to find out what’s coming up.

The LGBTQIA+ Film Festival, Vinokino, organised every year around  October–November in Turku and Helsinki.

A library of books and DVDs including both fact and fiction. Mostly in    English, come and check it out in the living room!

We also host and participate in other, less regular events around Turku. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get updates. If Facebook translate does not work for you, contact us and we will help you out.


Would you like to organise more English speaking activities with us? We would love to hear from you! 

There are also plenty of other things to do, such as organising club evenings, making social media content, graphic design, cleaning and renovation… Contact us and join the squad! Sending a message through Facebook or Instagram works brilliantly as well. 


We offer education and training for schools about the diversity of sexual orientation and gender, equality, norms and human rights also in English.

If you are interested in a lecture or a workshop, please contact us: info@tuseta.fi.

Safer Space Policy

TuSeta’s safer space policy applies to all our activities, please read the policy here

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